About Us

Kesmonds Group Limited

Kesmonds Group diversified global business conglomerates founded in 2015 to provide reputable solutions to variety of life challenging situations with a hard-earned reputation for excellent and a variety of reputable partners across the world.

The Group’s activities encompass:

  1. Higher Education Learning Services online and on campus, www.kesmondsuniversity.org
  2. Hospitality Travel and Tourism Management www.kesmonds.com/travelandhospitality
  3. Business Management and Preparing of Business Plans and Projects, www.kesmonds.com/globalbusiness
  4. Auditing & Company production evaluation, www.kesmonds.com/globalbusiness
  5. Digital & News Paper Marketing,
  6. Healthcare and Evacuation for Treatment Abroad, www.kesmonds.com/healthcare
  7. Website development & apps development,
  8. Audiovisual Production,
  9. Agro Industrial Production, www.kesmonds.com/foundation

10. Educational and Study Abroad Services www.kesmonds.com/education

Vision and Mission

Kesmonds Group continues to grow its vision of becoming the leading provider of essential needs in education, healthcare, social and humanitarian service across Africa in particular and the world at large. We believe to represent the future as we continue to sustain and improve on our business leadership in the educational sector, travel and hospitality, healthcare, IT solutions, Agriculture (Honey, wine, grains etc.). In line with our philosophy, we will continue to provide the basic needs of Africans at the lowest cost with international standards.

The future of the educational, healthcare, social and agricultural sector is bright considering the increase in population and evolution of technology. Kesmonds Group is well poised to harness these opportunities with relentless drive and commitment to become a leading player in its various areas of business. The management team and staff of Kesmonds Group is committed and dedicated to realizing the objectives of the Group, as we strive to reach greater heights.

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